We have over 10 years experience in email marketing. Our first
email marketing software was launched in 2001 as an add-on to
our online payments service. Within a short space of time, it
became a highly popular service in its own right and grew into its
own dedicated operation, with a new company formed for the
email marketing service. This company was acquired by Secure
Email Hosting Ltd. in late 2009. Since then the business has
evolved with a brand new user interface, and greater network
capacity. EmailHosts is now very much focused on meeting the
needs of the higher volume email marketer.
As the commercial internet now moves into a more mature
phase, with competition springing up from all directions, the
customer is faced with a huge amount of choice. Sometimes the
choice can be overwhelming, which is why web site marketers
now rely on email as an essential part of their marketing spend.
Email doesn't have to prove itself any more as a highly cost-
effective but powerful customer retention and sales tool - it
achieved that honour years ago! Used properly, targeted opt-in
email is a staggeringly cost-effective way to drive awareness,
loyalty, recurring business and boost profits.
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Tel   : UK (+44) 0845 269 9236
Company registration number: 06864362
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