is a specialist email service provider for
businesses and charities sending high volumes of marketing
Our unique “open pipe” bandwidth allocation means you can
send a large number of emails every month with no bursting, per
email or list size charges.
We offer shared mail server options for those wanting to keep
costs to a minimum, or for more advanced users we have a
dedicated mail server plan where you won’t share resources with
other clients. You have complete control over your email
campaigns, right down to your own IP address.
Use our advanced email marketing software to manage your
lists, create campaigns and view reports. Or if you have your
own CRM and list management software, we can provide our API
for you to integrate with us, and just use our industrial mail
sending capacity.
Best of all, our service is a highly cost-effective solution for
sending large email campaigns.
Got a smaller list?  No problem, we can still help.
Speak to us about special rates for small lists.
Check out our features and high volume email pricing, or simply
Intelligent Reports
100% Spam-free zone
Email marketing software
that produces results.
Email Marketing to your own
opted-in lists. We can help you
build your sender reputation.
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Unlimited emails
Use our high capacity
infrastructure to send
unlimited emails.