Our service is dedicated to high volume email sending. Our
investment in high capacity mail server networks means you
benefit from our massive economies of scale.
Unlike traditional email marketing services, we don't charge per
email sent or based on the size of your subscriber list. Instead,
our pricing model allows you unlimited sends and uncapped list
All services include our own list management and reporting
software if required. If you prefer, you can use our industrial
strength mail sending capacity alongside your own email
marketing platform - the choice is yours.
Our service literally allows you to send millions of emails per
month for a fixed monthly fee.
We have three levels of service :-
Your emails are distributed across our mail servers alongside
those of other clients. Your emails will not receive priority
queuing and sending rates will average around 10,000 per hour.
With this plan your emails are promoted to a priority level above
the Standard clients. Your emails will have a much greater share
of mail server resources. Sending rates will average at around
20,000 emails per hour.
For the ultimate in mail server capacity, this plan provides you
with :
     Dedicated IP address - build your own sender reputation
     Mail server customisation
      - adjust mail queue settings
      - adjust mail sending rates (throttling)
      - adjust mail re-try settings
      - adjust intelligent ISP handling
      - access to mail server logs to view details of individual emails
     High sending capacity - average 40,000 emails per hour
This plan puts you in control and ensures there is zero
contention ratio with other clients. Only your emails will be sent
through this server's IP address. With a dedicated IP you will
build your own sender reputation and your emails cannot be
affected by any other users on the system.
Sending rates for a single Dedicated server will typically be in
the region of 40,000 per hour. If you require higher hourly
throughput rates you can purchase additional dedicated servers
at a reduced rate.
All plans allow unlimited email sends. There are no restrictions
in terms of the number of emails you can send per month. Nor
do we impose limits on the size of your email subscriber
Minimum Contract term is 3 months; thereafter only 30 days
cancellation notice required.
Prefer to pay annually rather than monthly? Make a saving of 20%
by purchasing an annual contract term.
Contact us to find out more.
We are also hapy to accommodate clients with smaller list sizes.
Contact us to receive a quote based on your requirements.
Check out our features or simply get in touch.
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